Welcome to the Wired Principal

My name is Graham Arts and I’m currently the District Principal for Information Technology for the Sooke School District. Sooke is located on Southern Vancouver Island, next to Victoria.

I have recently begun my work in this role. Previously I worked as a teacher and school principal. I’ve always worked to support the effective, mindful use of technology.

I’m going to keep this introduction short, but speak a little to why I’ve created this blog. In my day-to-day work, I’m focussed on supporting the implementation of a robust and responsive infrastructure that supports my district’s educators and support workers. However, my background being education, I’m primarily interested in seeing the implementation of modern learning environments in the district’s classrooms. The question of how to move from our current models of teaching and learning, to those that embrace all that technology has to offer, is complex. I’m not sure that I have the answer yet. But I’m always looking for new ideas, and working on some of my own.

This blog is intended to share thoughts and generate discussion on educational implementation. It will focus on ideas, curriculum, and educational philosophy. It purposely leaves behind the discussion of computers and portable devices. I see these as tools that facilitate a collaborative and student-centred learning environment, but they are secondary to the overall discussion of how to get these principles into place in our classrooms.

As I write this short introduction, I am attending the Targeting Technology for Maximum Student Benefit conference in Vancouver. The first speaker of the day was Chris Kennedy, Superintendent of the West Vancouver School district. I found his talk to be thought-provoking. His ideas mirror many of my own, and I was impressed by his presentation. I’m still thinking about his ideas, and their implications for our local context, but I will be writing more about them soon.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. grarts says:

    As I reread what I wrote back on February 9th, I realize that I left off an important disclaimer. The opinions I express within my blog and any comments I make are my own, and do not reflect those of my employing school district. I believe that it is important to make this point. Within the realm of public education, there is great potential for debate during the exchange of ideas. The placement of this disclaimer within this site also helps to prevent any misunderstandings about connections between my role as an educational thinker, and my responsibility to my school district.

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